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Cataclysm Skinning Farm
$4.99 +

Purchasing gives access to all current and future profiles for this product. No need to do anything, they will display if more are added.

Will toggle the correct settings each reload to ensure that the profile runs correctly. Easily swap between grinding and gathering profiles after starting hCata profiles.

Faction | Profile Name | Profession

  • [A] Tolbarad 1 (S)
  • [A] Twilight 1 (S)
  • [A] Twilight 2 (S)
  • [A+H] Deepholm 1 (S)
  • [A+H] Deepholm 2 (S)
  • [H] Tolbarad 1 (S)
  • [H] Twilight 1 (S)
  • [H] Twilight 2 (S)
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